Is a doctor’s referral necessary for you to book an appointment with an osteopath? This is one of the most common queries that we are asked, and while the answer may seem straightforward, you may or may not require a doctor’s referral depending on your situation. Our specialists have put together the following guide to help you understand where you stand.


Do I need to be referred by a doctor to see an osteopath?

No, you do not need a referral from a GP or doctor to get an appointment with an osteopath. In fact, most patients ‘self-refer’ to an osteopath for treatment.

Although a doctor referral is not required, you are encouraged to keep them fully informed so that your medical records are kept complete and current. With your permission, your osteopath may send a report to your doctor with details of your condition and treatment.


When is a doctor’s referral necessary?

You may require a referral if you want to claim your treatment on your private health insurance.

You will need to ask your insurance company what the level of coverage is and whether you need to be referred by your GP or specialist. Some insurance providers may have restrictions or limitations on the number of treatments covered or the types of conditions that are covered. If they require a doctor’s referral, then you will need to obtain this in order to claim through private health insurance.

Additionally, if you have a specific medical condition or history that you think may be relevant to your osteopathic treatment, it may be beneficial to discuss this with your doctor first before seeking treatment from an osteopath.


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