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Posture Treatment in West Byfleet

Key Osteopaths specialise in treating poor posture with the use of osteopathy – a holistic therapy that aims to treat not just the issue but the broader reason as to why that issue has occurred.

Posture plays a huge role in keeping our bodies performing at their very best. Poor posture over a sustained period of time will result in many symptoms and issues, including pain, reduction in range of motion, and the weakening of soft tissues. Other symptoms include headaches, chest pains, acid reflux and breathing issues. 

Osteopathy for poor posture

What may be causing issues with your posture?

  • Sleeping with incorrect pillow height or mattress firmness. 
  • A work desk that is not set up correctly.
  • Slouching while sitting down. 
  • Looking down a lot for long periods of time, including looking at phones. 
  • Rounded shoulders. 
  • Leaning on one leg for long periods of time. 

Osteopathy can improve your posture and teach you how to hold your body correctly with some of the following techniques: 

  1. Realign your spine and other parts of your body.
  2. Releasing tension in muscles to increase the motion in your joints. 
  3. Postural exercises to ensure the long term improvement of your posture. 

We try to explain things thoroughly through your treatment, but we always welcome questions if you aren’t sure at any point.


Poor Posture Treatment
Key Osteopaths, West Byfleet

For your treatment

Osteopathy uses palpation, manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of your joints and relieve muscle tension. Research has found that osteopathy is effective in treating poor posture as it will look to address the cause of the dizziness and correct the underlying issue.

When you book you will be emailed over some information to read over before coming to your appointment. We try to explain things throughout your treatment, but we always welcome questions if you aren’t sure at any point.

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