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Facial Massage

Facial Massage

What is a facial massage?

A unique combination of different massage techniques applied to the face and neck to soften muscles, increase blood flow, and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Your session will start with opening the lymphatic terminals around the neck and chest before in-depth work on the muscles – both hands on and with a Gua Sha stone – around the chin, cheeks, forehead, eyes, and jaw, draining fluid along the way.

This is followed by an intra-oral or ‘buccal’ massage – the most effective way to relieve tension within and around the jaw and finished with soothing cupping for extra drainage.

The result: greatly reduced tension through the face and neck, increased removal of waste products allowing your sinuses to clear and lymphatic system to function correctly.

Cosmetically you can expect to see a softening of lines and furrows, and a lifted, less puffy, and more youthful appearance.

Cost of treatment

70 minutes

Benefits of a facial massage

A completely safe, natural, and holistic method to ease tension in the face and jaw and to lift, smooth and define the face. The alternative to injectables.

Our lymphatic system is often slow and sluggish, leading to waste products and fluid building up – this can often be seen around the eyes. This can lead to us feeling tired or catching colds and infections more regularly. We thoroughly kick start this system this by stimulating lymph nodes and draining through the face, neck, and chest.

Aesthetically this leads to less puffiness and a more defined and lifted shape of the face.

When we contract muscles in our face it pulls the skin – this is how we show expression. When that muscle doesn’t relax fully lines and wrinkles are produced in that area – by massaging and softening these muscles the lines will diminish over time and you will feel a real ease in tension and tightness through the small, but powerful facial muscles.

This will help smooth the complexion and increasing the blood flow along the way leads to more youthful complexion.

Throughout the treatment the aim is to also stimulate the vagus nerve – the nerve responsible for triggering our parasympathetic nervous system (‘rest and digest’ system) and switch off the stressful sympathetic nervous system (‘flight and fight’), so at the end of your session you should feel incredibly relaxed.

We aim to give you a real understanding of you face and techniques to help yourself. We try to explain things thoroughly through your treatment, but we always welcome questions if you aren’t sure at any point.

The Anatomy

Facial muscles attach to bone on one side and skin to the other – therefore over contraction can cause (for example) frown lines or nasolabial folds to remain. We want to work on relaxing these muscles.

Retaining Ligaments and subcutaneous fat create segments and structure to the face – ligaments can weaken over time causing the fat in our face to sit in different places – we want to try and improve the elasticity of these ligaments by increasing blood flow and manipulating the fat.

Lymphatics; we have the most lymph nodes in our face and neck, so stagnation here will increase puffiness and limit a healthy glow, we want to activate this and get things moving for a youthful look.

For your treatment

A small amount of high quality facial oil will be used, so arrive without makeup where possible. Please wear clothes where you can pull the straps off you shoulders. Please be aware some of this treatment works into your scalp – so you may want to hold out washing your hair until after!

If you have a particular area of concern we would welcome you to tell us beforehand so we can start treatment as soon as possible and you can relax quickly. 

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