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Who we are

Highly experienced osteopaths with a goal to helping people feel as good as possible through osteopathy treatment and advice on all aspects of health. 

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that aims to treat not just the issue but the broader reasons why that issue has occurred. Traditionally a manual therapy involving hands on treatment with soft tissue muscle work, manipulation of joints, stretching and articulation of the body. We also like to incorporate looking at patients entire lifestyles as well as educate on exercises.

What to expect from your treatment

Your first treatment will include a detailed case history, exam and diagnosis (where possible). Then treatment and most likely some exercises. We’ll be asking you about your lifestyle including sleep, stress levels and nutrition as this will all have an impact your improvement. 

Some Conditions Osteopathy Can Help With

Back & Neck Pain

Knee & Hip Problems

Expectant Mothers

Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

Sports Injury


Arthritic Pain

Jaw (TMJ) Dysfunction

Stress Related Pain

"Friendly and professional and most of all...effective! I had a really comprehensive assessment with Francesca who helped with a range of postpartum pelvis and back issues. I was given a variety of different exercises to do at home and after just a couple of weeks I've noticed a huge improvement. Thanks Francesca and Anna."

Lucy I, Woking

"I was seen by Anna initially because I had hurt my neck so badly that I was unable to pick up my baby from the floor. In tears on the phone she managed to get me an appointment that day, and she worked her magic, I could move my neck on the way out and the next day the pain had gone. Since then I have seen her regularly (my choice) as she is so fantastic. Very professional, gentle and lovely. Thank you so much!"

Daisy D, Weybridge

"I have been seeing Francesca for a few years now, initially for severe back pain which she was able to identify the source of and alleviate really quickly. Now I see her on a fairly regular basis (my choice), so that she can make sure problems aren't reoccurring and also deal with any new aches and pains I inevitably pick up along the way. I feel she has an intuitive instinct backed by her advanced qualifications and regularly recommend her to others."

Anna E, Woodham

"Anna is a delightful and competent professional who gives first rate, comprehensive treatment at every visit. I went in as a “wonky donkey” and walked out feeling six foot tall with a normal gait in my first visit! I have given her practice details out to many of my friends. Also, her new treatment rooms are a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle - an excellent place for monthly maintenance."

Julia W, Pyrford

"Anna has been brilliant, not only helping me getting rid of my neck pain, but also teaching me how to keep my body strong and healthy. Very professional, yet friendly, and explains everything she does. Would highly recommend."

Lucia M

"Despite a busy practice, Anna rescued me when I was in agony and unable to move, let alone get out of bed. She quickly got me up on my feet and gave me exercises to keep me mobile until the next visit. I cannot fault her. She’s not just a fantastic practitioner but a lovely person as well. She always puts others before herself. In fact she's so highly respected that she doesn't need to scrape around for work and genuinely only treats you when you need it. She is a most professional person and comes very highly recommend from me."

Valarie R, Pyrford

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