zz Old Osteopathy & Your Treatment


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osteopathy with anna

Anna van Piggelen M.Ost is the principle Osteopath and founder of Key Osteopaths. She has more than 10 years’ experience since qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy in London with a master’s degree in Osteopathy. As well as working in several clinics in England, she has also worked in France and Monaco treating a broad range of patients along the way.

She has a passion and aim for people to feel as mobile and strong as possible – energised and healthy, without struggling from those niggling ailments that don’t seem to go away.

Moreover, to end people struggling through the working week, with no real plan as to how they can help their aches and pains. Instead to give people the tools to understand their body’s and how to manage their pains. This is the long-term fix.



The idea of osteopathy is to holistically restore structure and function to the body. This means to look at the body as a whole and find the reasons WHY something is hurting.

This can range from tight muscles, locked up joints, poor range of movement, strength or posture. Or outside factors such as nutrition, stress, exercise.

Techniques during an osteopathy session can include soft and deep tissue work, manipulation, stretching, fascial release and of course – active work from yourself.

Osteopathy is helpful for almost everyone from; sportspeople, expectant mothers, the elderly, children and babies, people suffering chronic or acute pain, or just your everyday work-related problems!

We deal in the whole body – not just neck and back pain. But knees, feet, wrists, headaches and jaw pain and even things like sinus and breathing problems.


Your treatment

On your first treatment we will run through a case history where we will start working out what might be causing you pain. Then we will have a look at you standing and moving to see how your body functions and possibly compensates; then we will come up with a plan and help you understand why things may have become a problem. Then we’ll treat the problematic areas and go through what exercises to do.

Bring your phone to film you exercises and wear clothes you can move around easily in!

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