As we emerge from a global pandemic that has fundamentally changed how people perceive their comfort, health and happiness (well-being). Key4Business is an opportunity for companies to support these ideals, giving people a way to feel truly healthy, energised and in control of their health – with the hope to increase productivity in return.


  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) accounted for 6.6 million workdays lost between 2017 and 2018.
  • On average 2 weeks of these per person were due to MSD’s.
  • Around 60% of work days lost with long term illness are due to MSD’s.


Support for your employees to stop them just surviving the working week, but instead to thrive.
How Key4Business can help:

  • Virtual mobility classes
  • Virtual stretching and strengthening classes
  • Virtual workout sessions
  • Virtual one to one sessions to talk about individual injuries (aches and pains), and also address a broader scope of the persons health including: stress management, sleep, diet, exercise, weight issues.
  • Ergonomic assessments – virtually for people working from home
  • Wellbeing monitoring
  • In house sessions available in person as companies start to reopen.

Tailored to your company
A detailed chat about your company and its employees will mean we can create a tailored programme – with all the aspects above or just some, with prices starting from £600.
Please call or email if you would like more about the start to improving your company’s wellbeing.