BACKGROUNDosteopathy with anna

This proposal is designed for businesses as we emerge from a global pandemic that has fundamentally changed how people perceive their comfort, health and happiness (well-being). The proposal suggests how companies can support these ideals which ultimately – hopefully – will result in increased productivity and effectiveness.

From a personal perspective I have spent 10 years working within this industry, seeing patients suffering and failing to have a normal life without pain and discomfort: Taking medication for small ailments, or just surviving the working week with no real plan of how to improve things. How brilliant to see companies supporting the idea of their workforce being truly healthy and energised, without the feeling of the daily grind. Several independent studies support the idea that this translates into better and higher productivity at work, with fewer days taken off. With more offices working from home and potentially employees having more time to address these issues, now is the time to implement these ideas.

KeyOsteopaths will target three key areas: –

  • Physical Health (the demands put on the body to withstand the daily grind of commuting and sitting at desks in front of computer screens).
  • Mental Health (stress, anxiety, workplace pressure).
  • General Health (sleep, nutrition, weight gain, cardiovascular health).

KeyOsteopaths can provide your company with customisable, adaptive programmes to address the underlying problems across Physical, Mental and General health.

Recent statistics highlight that a happier workforce is 13% more productive with lower levels of absenteeism and presenteeism.