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Key Osteopaths specialise in treating dizziness with the use of osteopathy – a holistic therapy that aims to treat not just the issue but the broader reason as to why that issue has occurred. 

If you are feeling dizzy, it is important to first see your medical doctor for a thorough examination. We must establish the causes for dizziness, which may be medication, ear infections, head injury, dysfunction of the inner ear and low blood pressure. 

What is the osteopathic treatment for dizziness?

Dizziness, imbalance and vertigo are similar problems that commonly involve an issue with the balance mechanism of the inner ear, although there can be other causes as well.

Cervicogenic vertigo can be treated with the help of osteopathy, as this form of vertigo concerns problems with the neck. The brain gets information from a number of places telling it what it means to be “upright”, and if information coming from the neck is inconsistent with the other messages, this will cause cervicogenic vertigo and dizziness.

Those experiencing this form of vertigo may feel a sense of dizziness and spinning aggravated by sudden head or eye movements, rising from the lying down, as well as standing and sitting.

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Osteopathy uses palpation, manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of your joints and relieve muscle tension. Research has found that osteopathy is effective in treating dizziness as it will look to address the cause of the dizziness and correct the underlying issue.

When you book you will be emailed over some information to read over before coming to your appointment. We try to explain things throughout your treatment, but we always welcome questions if you aren’t sure at any point.

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