zz Old During Coronavirus

Changes made during Coronavirus outbreak:

Patients PLEASE DO NOT attend if you have had any of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of taste
  • Persistent dry cough
  • Temperature/Fever
  • Headache

Please call and we will reschedule for after the isolation period.

Please arrive promptly for your appointment, we are trying to avoid people sitting in the waiting room for too long to avoid crossover. If you are early please remain 2 metres from other patients if possible.

Please wash your hands at the bathrooms before the clinic or as soon as you enter the room before touching anything.

In the clinic:

  • We will have space between each appointment to thoroughly clean and aerate the room.
  • A change of clothes and mask between each patient.
  • No unnecessary linen will be used.
  • Washing of hands and arms between each patient.

We will continue to to provide the highest levels of hygiene and treatments to patients during this time.