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Symptoms and Conditions

Back and Neck
Anna routinely treats back problems, from slipped discs to nerve impingements. Whether you’ve woken up with a bad neck that you cannot move or your lower back has been bad for years, Anna will help to ease the pain with an aim to clear it up entirely and advise you on the best possible ways to help yourself at home.


Many people are seeking help from headaches and migraines as they do not want to be stuck on medication long term. Fortunately osteopathy has great results for people suffering. Sometimes within one session the headache will clear up. Usually headaches orginate from the neck (cervicogenic) and therefore using a range of techniques through the neck and back will clear up the symptoms.

Jaw problems (TMJ pain)

The temporomandibular joint (the jaw) can cause pain for many people, as stressful situations rise more and more people are found the clench their jaw – this means an increase in headaches and neck pain. Direct treatment and adjustments as well as advise have a great effect on this.

Expectant Mothers

Common problems that arise during any stage of the pregnancy are PSD, sacroiliac joint pain, lower back and mid back aches and leg pain – using manipulation and soft tissue work most clients feel relief from the first session.

Sports Injuries

Muscles and ligament strains, sprained ankles and shoulder problems are a small range of problems experienced with sportspeople – massage, manipulation and joint articulation as well as advise on heat or ice, and stretches soon have people up and running again.

Arthritic Pain

Where athritis cannot be taken away, the symptoms can certainly be eased. Often the area surrounding the athritic joint will be come very tight to protect the area – once this has been loosened up it provides a huge amount of relief.

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