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Deskfit Movement Solutions - Key Osteopaths - Osteopaths in West Byfleet and Pyrford
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Deskfit Movement Solutions

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  • +Productivity through Agility

    Work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD’s) now account for 39% of all work-related poor health. www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/musculoskeletal/msd
    Whether episodic or chronic, ranging from low grade to severe pain, to some degree it can impair quality of life and ability to work.

  • +Why does this happen?

    WRMSD’s mainly develop due to; fixed or constrained body positions, continual repetition of movements, force concentrated on small parts of the body (often hand or wrist), a pace of work that does not allow for sufficient recovery or conversely sufficient movement; lastly stress affecting the persons capability to sleep and therefore recover.

  • +Common work place issues

    Lower back pain from sitting too long.
    Neck and shoulder pain from postural issues.
    Headaches from neck and head position and tightness.
    Wrist and elbow pain from repetitive movements.
    These are to name just a few and, in most cases, can ALL be helped by DeskFit.

  • +What can be done?

    Ergonomic assessments are a good place to start, as the bare minimum. The key is movement.
    The goal: To get your teams spending a very minimal amount of time throughout the day on several different desk-based exercises to specifically help these issues, and to make this the norm. Therefore, not impacting on their working day, but hopefully equating to less days off and increased productivity via pain prevention.

  • +How does DeskFit accomplish this?

    Via Workshops = ideally within small teams – we will show the specific set of exercises and explain why they are important, furthermore, exercises that can be done at home to be really thorough.
    If employees have specific issues this can also be discussed at that time. Ergonomic assessments can also be included and advice to the company on whether it is worth investing in certain office equipment (such as standing desks etc).
    This will hopefully SAVE you money in the long run – with less costly equipment being needed, and less time off from employees, by putting some onus back on them and their health.

More movement = more agility = more productivity.
For a quote on the different options available for your company, please;
Call: 07912 218 256
Email: keyosteopaths@gmail.com